Zelda Shield Round 2: Failure is not an option!

So now that I’ve detoured myself by setting up the Raspberry pi with OctoPrint and OctoLapse, it’s time to revisit the Zelda Shield!


I printed the two halves of the Zelda Shield with no issues now that I set up OctoPrint! I cannot stress this enough–set this up and printing will be stable and solid!


I’m going to start with the bottom part of the shield. So I scaled this file down to 25%, moved it into position, and then rotated it 180 degrees to print the correct orientation. It says it’ll take about 2.5  hours, so here’s hoping!

Look at this fierce warrior <3

The bottom half printed in just under 3 hours with no problems! OctoPrint is truly the best option to work with this printer. The top half scaled to 25% printed in about 3 hours and 45 minutes. Again, no problems whatsoever, and I was able to monitor the entire print from the next room via the web cam streaming!

Bottom half of shield:

This was one of my first time lapse videos, so I had a friend help me rotate the printer and tinker with the lighting for the next print.

This next video came out better, but the lights got turned out for a bit in the middle, so I’ll have to figure out how to get consistent lighting for future videos. I’m very much a novice at everything I’m trying here, but I guess that shows that even if you’re an absolute beginner like myself, you can join in on the 3D print fun, too!

Top half of shield:

Now that both parts are printed, it’s time to glue them together and figure out how to “finish” these plastic prints!

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