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Virtual Frontier: TheCatGeek Content Format Change

The past few weeks have been a complete whirlwind of activity. I recently made a friend with a similar passion to gaming and technology, and we’ve decided to partner up with another friend to create a YouTube Channel named Virtual Frontier. This way I can share my love of all things technology in a format that is MUCH more entertaining than reading a static blog.

Don’t worry David, I won’t forget about you

We’ve been busy acquiring the right hardware and software and making plans to best capture the different types of content we want to share. At some point I’ll make a recap of all the activity, what we chose to use, and how we put it all together in case others want to do the same.

I swear David, I will figure out how to put gifs of you in my videos. I PROMISE

But for now, I just want to share my first few test recordings of content that I captured directly from my Oculus Quest! The first video was made to demo some capabilities of doing Steam gaming via Virtual Desktop in the Oculus Quest, as well as how it is a standalone system.

My second video showcases playing a Steam game via Virtual Desktop on my Oculus Quest, as well as a fun 3D drawing game called Tilt Brush.

These are definitely really rough and not edited at all, but that will come in time. For now I’m excited to be capturing and sharing my tech projects and gaming in a way that is more accessible to others! 🙂

This has turned out to be the best purchase I’ve made in a while <3

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