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Using Technology to Escape My Depression 4: Oculus Quest FITNESS GAMES ARE AMAZING!!!

About a week ago I bought a VR headset to inspire me to be more physically healthy by running a workout program called HoloFit that interfaced with my rowing machine. I also downloaded some games to try, and mentioned I’d give an update in the future when I had a chance to try them.

Well, so far I’ve played a handful and IT IS ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. I move, I sweat, I get out of breath, my legs are weak and I can’t stand! AND I DON’T WANT TO STOP!

Previously my only other form of motivation, only I would skip the workout and just eat the donut

I have danced with robots, solved matrix-style combat puzzles, boxed opponents and lost from gassing out (just like real life!), rowed through an asteroid field in outer space and found a space donkey, shot at hoards of enemies like I was John Wick while intense music blared in my ears, caught a rainbow fish, and walked from the apartment in Paris where Rachel and I are staying for our Europe honeymoon down to The Louvre so we aren’t intimidated by being in a place we’ve never been.

Now, aside from the insane health benefits I’m already seeing (I’m stronger, moving better, happier, etc), I’ve also been enjoying the mini-tech projects this has allowed me to get into. Having to side load the HoloFit software may be a pain to normal consumers, but for me it has opened me up to all the fun I didn’t even know I was going to have with this device!

From here I’m going to put batteries into my Wi-Fi scale and start tracking the effects that the Oculus Quest has on my weight. I am trying to eat healthier, but I’m not going on any crazy diet, so I feel confident that any weight lost will be a product of additional movement inspired by Quest games.

Week 0 Stats:

  • Weight: 234
  • Pant size: 36 (tight) – 38 (fitted)
  • Winter jacket fit: Tight in stomach
  • Thrill of the Fight: Gassed out after 1.5 2 minute rounds
  • Superhot VR: Difficulty squatting for cover, but able to get down on ground with one knee
  • Pistol Whip: Tired after 4 intense rounds, during ducking part I could only half-squat or bend at the waist (unable to drop to knees or catchers stance)

From here I’ll just keep having fun with all the games and tech projects that the Oculus Quest has to offer! I’ll update to share any progress I make, and hope that I’ll have more fun things to share as time goes on. 🙂

Also Smooshy got her hair cut, she gets a buzz cut just like her mom! 🙂

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