Updating Motion Control Firmware

So now that I’ve printed an assortment of things and placed them on my cat, it’s time to start going back to reading about more boring things (okay, maybe not boring to some, but still not cat related). Today I’m tackling this whole “Firmware” update thing that I decided to shelve for later when I was originally setting the printer up.


I follow the instructions from the MP Select Mini Wiki while my cats slept near me, acting as an ever present reminder that I will always need to work a million times harder to get the rewarding dopamine surges that they literally experience most of their lazy kitty lives for doing nothing. Gosh darnit, I love these majestic bags of fluff. 💓 #IWorkHardToGiveMyCatsABetterLife

I then divert from following the directions and go down a rabbit hole trying to use an OctoPrint plugin that is not compatible with my printer and take a 1 minute process and turn it into a 2 hour nightmare. So note to self: ffs just follow the gd directions that experts make and stop trying to do extra.

Seriously. Why???? 🤦

First check to ensure you have the correct version to update. For V2, I need to ensure I have a motion controller that is version 34 or greater. Otherwise, this is the end of this journey!

To check the version, turn off the printer and turn it back on again since the numbers appear as it boots up. I snapped a pic of the screen as soon as I turned it on since it flashes so fast.

I then installed the OctoPrint Firmware Updater Plugin by going into the OctoPrint Settings and searching for it because I’m way too lazy to do this via sd card like this 40 second video demonstrates.

I downloaded the Motion Controller Firmware v40 for MPSM V2 to install first, because according to monoprice’s website you need to upgrade to v40 first before going to v41.

Open the OctoPrint settings and locate the Firmware Updater. In the upper-right corner, click the wrench icon and select ……..Gosh darnit, this isn’t compatible with this printer. So looks like manual installation is the only option if I can ever get the micro SD card slot to work ever again.

Aaaaaand I give up for tonight

At this point in the story I gave up for a few days because I was about to just set fire everything and walk away.

Getting back to work, I quickly threw the fcupdate.flg and firmware.bin files onto the original micro SD card that came with the printer . I discovered if I use my finger to hold the card in place it was successfully read by the printer, so I chanced it disconnecting mid-update and continued. The update was practically instant as the video showed, so my small risk paid off. Now that I’m v40, it’s time to upgrade to v41!

It almost went *too* well….

Next I downloaded the Motion Controller Firmware v41 for MPSM V2 from the wiki and extracted the files after they downloaded. I removed the v40 files from the SD card and loaded on the v41 ones and repeated my steps. And now my printer is successfully v41!!! 

I am fairly certain I actually made this noise

I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely sure what the benefits will be, but I’m hoping it’ll increase the speed of the prints or something. Otherwise I went through the above just to know I could. Which tbh I’m perfectly fine with. Now I can return to printing out things to annoy my cat!

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