To Update or Not To Update? That is the question.

So after connecting with OctoPrint, I got the following message:

I followed the link and it informed me I need to update the firmware to ensure my printer doesn’t catch on fire. I recall reading that users do not recommend updating the firmware, but I think I’ll do some research on this before I blindly follow that advice.

Basically me at all times

…So from the five minutes of research I’ve learned:

  1. It’s unlikely this printer is powerful enough to catch the plastic on fire
  2. There may not be a way to prevent this via firmware because it would imply a glitch has occurred
  3. Updating might brick the printer and completely render it useless

So for now I’ll stick to monitoring my printer via OctoPrint web cam and on YouTube live, and will continue to research this as I learn more.
Since this is a pretty boring post, I’ll leave it with this fun video of smooshy. I have no idea how she got into this bucket, but this is where I found her the other day. 🤷🤷🤷

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