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Time-Lapse Camera Setup: Logitech C615 + OctoLapse

So now it’s time to try and print with OctoLapse running and see how it goes!

Everything worked smoothly and was so much better than I ever dreamed! The hardest part was playing the time lapse video. I ultimately ended up downloading this VLC program since my Windows PC couldn’t figure out how to play the MPG file. I also set up a YouTube channel to host these time lapse videos and YouTube live stream the printing process!


Now that I’ve done my research and bought the Logitech C615 camera, it’s time to figure out how to get OctoLapse working so I can make cool timelapse videos when I print!

My Raspberry Pi and Webcam Setup

I started off by going to the OctoPrint settings and checking out the Web Cam section. I clicked on the “Stream Test” button and I cannot believe it but it works!!! I can now go to my stream site and see exactly what my web cam does!!!

Looks promising!

Now it is advised that I run a few tests to try out the time lapse, but where’s the fun in that? I’m going to kick off another print job and see if I can produce another trinket!

I have also discovered the control tab on OctoPrint now includes the stream from the web cam!!!


THIS IS SO EXCITING! I AM SO EXCITED! I’m basically Jessie Spano atm, except instead of being addicted to pills, I am addicted to 3D printing, OctoPrint and OctoLapse, GOSH DARNIT THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!

So I went back to Cura, pulled up a cute trinket (this snail file) and resized it and got it ready to print. Then I clicked print and the web cam showed up in Cura. OH. MY. FREAKIN. GOSH. COULD THIS GET ANY COOLER???


After clicking print nothing seemed to be happening. I wasn’t sure if I had to preheat manually or if I had messed something up. As it turns out, the bed was preheating first since it takes longer, and once it got up to its temperature the nozzle went ahead and preheated itself.

As the nozzle came to temperature, filament started coming out, but the beginning program seems to extrude that excess and then knocks it off before starting. Meaning, I don’t need to stand up and do anything to after I click “Print with OctoPrint“!

This is the only gif that came close to expressing my excitement

So 20 minutes later I have this awesome little snail made, but it appeared to get stuck at 99% of the print. Just be patient, the last 1% will take a little time because it is finishing the timelapse video and ending the rest of the job.

It’s so cute!

My stock media player couldn’t open the timelapse video file because it’s a mpg. So I consulted google to figure out what player I should use (I am by no means a digital media expert, calling myself an amateur is a vast understatement). I ended up downloading this VLC program that was able to play the video.

Smoosh was a big help during this process

During my video player research, I decided to make a YouTube channel to store my time lapse videos. I also activated YouTube Live Streaming while I was at it since OctoPrint has a plugin for this and I thought it’d be interesting.

I know I posted this above in the TL;DR section, but here it is a second time because I am just SO GOSH DARN EXCITED!

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