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Time-Lapse Camera Setup: Logitech C615 + OctoLapse

So now it's time to try and print with OctoLapse running and see how it goes! TL;DR: Everything worked smoothly and was so much better than I ever dreamed! The hardest part was playing the time lapse video. I ultimately ended up downloading this VLC program since my Windows PC couldn't figure out how to play the… Continue reading Time-Lapse Camera Setup: Logitech C615 + OctoLapse


Time-Lapse Camera Research

Since I ended up getting the raspberry pi set up with OctoPrint waaaaaaaay earlier into this project than I thought, I figured I might as well get time-lapse videos rolling. OctoPrint actually has a plug in for this called OctoLapse, so it seems at first glance all I need to do is purchase a USB camera. I'm… Continue reading Time-Lapse Camera Research