Setup Process 3: Setting up the Software

Now that the printer is functional, it’s time to focus on the WiFi and Cura installation software laid out in Monoprice Manual.

I didn’t post this blog when I originally wrote it so I could wait and see how this project evolved. From my perspective (just a few days and MANY hours of frustration later) you can skip everything that this blog covers and instead download the latest version of Cura and then go right to setting up OctoPrint.

The smoosh grows weary of my failures…

The SD card on the printer is sketchy at best (mine stopped working two days after I wrote this post), and OctoPrint makes the printing experience reliable and takes this printer to the next level.

Seriously, don’t make my mistakes, don’t go down this road, turn around while you still can.

Okay, you’ve been warned…

So the first part of the instructions had me install an app that would give my printer WiFi capability. I downloaded the MP3DPrinterWiFi and everything went smoothly but after I completed this step there was absolutely no clue how to use it or why I just did this

Later I realized it was to allow you to access a very basic interface from your web browser to push gcode files and print wirelessly. I never got this to function properly. 

So then it was time to install the Cura slicer program that was included on the micro SD card. So I had to hunt down my mini SD card adapters and then installed Cura. I then had to change a bunch of default settings…and then it told me to connect this gd printer directly to my PC via a USB cord! 

No where when I was finding a place to set this up did it say I had to be close to my desktop computer! Luckily I have a million USB extenders (because reasons), and later I discovered this was absolutely unnecessary because you can just download the drivers online.

Because I did this via USB tether, I didn’t notice that the driver had installed the second I plugged it into my printer. So I sat there for forever waiting for *something* to happen and eventually clicked around and saw that it must have installed.

After finishing the instructions I decided to just go ahead and pop that SD card back into the printer and start printing the test cat and  be done for the night….but I’m going to save all that for the next post.

Me atm

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