Setup Process 2: Setting up the Printer

Okay, so that last attempt at setting up this printer did not pan out, but that’s okay, you gotta break a couple eggs to make an omelette, right?

I decided to switch up strategies and go step by step through this Monoprice Manual. I’m really hoping to have a freshly printed cat trinket by the end of the night!

Following the Monoprice manual at first was a breeze, installing the filament rack and checking the nozzle height went very smoothly. 

The mini SD card didn’t seem to want to go in easily, but eventually I figured out how to insert it (note: the SD card itself turned out to be broken 😒).

There was also a misprint where the instructions said to click on the “Temperature” button, but instead it is now called “Monitor”.

The “Monitor” section is where you’ll find temperature settings

Everything was going smoothly until the instructions generically said “set the temperature” without any guidance on how to do this. This is when I officially reached my limit of frustration for the day and gave up.

My feelings atm 😤

The next day I went to the filament’s Amazon page and found a Q&A about temperature from someone using the exact same printer–hallelujah! Now that I knew what temperature to set, it was extremely easy to follow the instructions again.

Loading the filament was also a little bit of a debacle for me, I couldn’t understand the directions and the picture was extremely small. So I went to the digital version of the instructions and zoomed in on the picture to figure it out.

Here’s a clear shot of the black filament and how it lines up with the top of the printer

I followed the test print instructions and it looks like I’m in the clear since the lines are printing straight!

Look at those nice straight lines

With this out of the way it’s time to set up the software!

Smooshy nicely telling me to hurry up

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