Setup Process 1: The First Attempt

The printer comes in tonight!!!!  In preparation, I have copy and pasted instructions on how to get started (courtesy of this Amazon Customer’). I will add my own comments and accompanying pictures as I complete each step. If all goes well I will have printed my first 3D object by the end of the night!

So first thing’s first: time to unbox this bad boy! As expected, my trusty loud puppy-kitty Madam Crookshanks came out to “help” me unpack the boxes (and by “help” I mean alternate between screaming at me and jumping into the empty boxes).

Now to find it a home–luckily I had some space in my nerd corner of my den in front of Jean Luc Picard and underneath my Letter of Nobility wherein I am named a Baroness of Ladonia (look it up–it’s real, I’m royalty 👑).  Plus it’s conveniently located in the same room as my mega-awesome PC Gaming Hackintosh Virtual Box Workstation that I built last year for funsies.

With that out of the way, on to the set up instructions! Yay!!!

1. Order a spool of Hatchbox 1.75mm Filament to either arrive before or at the same time as the printer. (The sample PLA included isn’t enough for anything)

Amazon Customer Comment Instructions

This was super easy, I went with a 1kg Spool of Black HATCHBOX 1.75mm PLA. I figured that ordering black in a large quantity for $20 would give me a lot of practice material to figure out what I’m doing and how much material printing actually uses. Then I can bridge out to other colors Hatchbox provides like orange, green, or this $9 sample pack and see how it goes! 

0_0 This is a LOT bigger than I thought it was going to be

2. The VERY first thing you do is use an X-acto knife to cut away the corners of masking tape covering the bed screws! LIKE I SAID THE VERY VERY FIRST THING!

Amazon Customer Comment Instructions

Oooookay, so there is no masking tape… Well this throws me off my game plan, so I’m going to go ahead and veer off-course, pour myself a glass of wine, and venture use the manual that came with the printer instead……… the next post!

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