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Samsung Health Galaxy Watch with iPhone Sync Fix

A few weeks ago I ditched my Apple Watch and bought the Samsung Galaxy Watch. I was so impressed with it, I actually made a review to help others who wanted to know if the watch would work with the iPhone. While I love the watch, I have had issues syncing with the Samsung Health app.

After another week or so of use, I figured out how to solve my sync issues with Samsung Health and wanted to share. If the app is ever disconnected and shows “No wearable devices connected” in the app, follow these steps to reconnect.

1. Using Galaxy Watch turn on “Airplane mode”, after it reads “Standalone” turn off “Airplane mode”

Pull down to see this menu on your watch

2. Open up the Galaxy app on the iPhone and wait for it to connect and sync (if the app crashes and closes, either keep trying or restart your phone)

3. Open up Samsung Health and the syncing should be back on track

4. If the Samsung Health app still shows “No wearable devices connected” repeat steps 1 – 3 again

5. If you’re still having issues, restart both the watch and the phone and try again

So that’s the workaround I have figured out to get my iPhone app and the Galaxy Watch to play together nicely. To prevent syncing errors from occurring, I have developed the following “rules”:

  1. Never close the Galaxy Watch or Samsung Health apps on the iPhone, just leave them running in the background
  2. I do not use “Do Not Disturb” anymore, instead I use the “Goodnight Mode” when I sleep
  3. I do not use the iPhone app at the same time as using the watch apps, as it has occasionally confused the syncing

If you have an iPhone and use the Samsung Galaxy Watch, what kind of issues have you run into and how have you worked around them? If you give this a try, did it work for you?

Here are some tender peets & beans for making it thus far <3

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