Researching PC Tools

So I’m sure it’s no surprise, but I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to assembling a PC. I did a ton of research a few years ago to build my first PC, and ran into a myriad of issues with the PC failing to POST. After a month of trying to get it functional and RMA-ing most of my parts, I gave it to my local geek store to assemble.

I gave up, and I am not ashamed

It turns out I had a bad power supply (of course, the ONE component I did not return for replacement), but I was so sick of rebuilding the machine I just paid them order a new one and assemble the entire thing.

Now that I’m a few years older and wiser (HA!), I think it’s time that I prepare myself to properly handle any future computer hardware issues or upgrades that present themselves. Only this time, I want to make sure I have the right tools. I am especially worried about damaging the electronic components, so I’m going to pay extra attention to anti-static precautions.

After looking around at various articles, I noticed picking a tool kit depends on what a person is looking to do with them. Since I’m just preparing for upgrades and troubleshooting I determined I didn’t need any of the fancier tools like power supply testers or powered screw drivers.

Eventually I decided that I’d like the following tools on hand:

  • Anti-Static Device
  • Screw Drivers
  • Hex Keys
  • Wire Strippers
  • Extra Screws
  • Cable Management Ties
  • Soldering Equipment
  • Cleaning Accessories

There were tons of great kits on Amazon, but a lot had more than I really needed, so I went with the Rosewill Tool Kit RTK-045. Not only did it have everything I was looking for, but it was by far the best price since it was on sale for only $22.

Rosewill Tool Kit RTK-045 Computer Tool Kits for Network & PC Repair Kits with Plier Hex Key Bits ESD Strap Phillips Screwdriver Bits & Socket Sets
Simple, but effective

Now that I’ve got the right tools, I feel MUCH more comfortable with upgrading my computer in the future. Especially with owning an anti-static wrist band device.

Now I can finally back to fun project stuff! 🙂 And maybe I’ll find time to paint a few hats again to put on Smoosh.

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