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Since I’ve gotten unexpectedly really into OctoPrint (it’s amazing, don’t buy this printer unless you do this, because it really takes this to the next level!), I decided I might as well live stream my prints. That way I can watch my prints anywhere, not just streaming on my home network. Oh fun!

Smoosh is stoked


I followed the YouTube Live instructions and surprisingly got the OctoPrint YouTube Live plugin functioning! I added in more clarity in my instructions below, so if you are a novice I recommend you follow my version below.


I went through the YouTube Live instructions, my simplified notes are below to help set expectations and provide  clarity where needed.

  1. Went on YouTube and enabled “YouTube Live”
    1. You’ll have to wait 24 hours after you enable for it to be ready to use
  2. Following instructions at GitHub
    1. Go into PuTTY and type in the following, then wait and do nothing, it’ll take a few minutes to run: curl -sSL | sh
    2. After you can type more commands do the following two: sudo usermod pi -aG docker sudo reboot
    3. Log back into PuTTY and type (this step will take a while) docker pull alexellis2/streaming:07-05-2018
    4. After the above type in the following commands cd ~ git clone --depth 1 cd youtubelive docker build -t octoprint/youtubelive .
    5. Now we need to type in another command, but we need to fill in some variables (I colored them red in the command to show where they go)
      1. Set up your stream on the YouTube Live Dashboard and enter your stream id and IP address in the command below in place of xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx and . docker run --privileged --name YouTubeLive -ti octoprint/youtubelive:latest http://<ip>:8080/?action=stream xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx null
      2. I am fairly certain that the instructions meant to say the IP goes in place of <ip> (and not just a .)
      3. The IP address would be your OctoPi’s IP address, which you can look up in your router (I found mine in the Google WiFi app since that is what I use at home)
      4. Your stream ID is at the bottom of the YouTube Live Dashboard  and you’ll need to click the “reveal” button to view it
    6.  After you hit enter it’s going to flash basically the same message over and over again until you enter the command ctrl+c
      1. Which I didn’t know, btw, so I sat there staring at my screen for almost 10 gd minutes until I figured out what I was supposed to do 😡
    7. Lastly type in this final command and you can exit out of PuTTY and go back to the OctoPrint YouTube Live settings docker rm YouTubeLive
    8. Go to your YouTube Live Settings and fill in the two sections
      1. To find your Channel ID go to your account’s Advanced Settings
      2. Your stream ID is at the bottom of the YouTube Live Dashboard  and you’ll need to click the “reveal” button to view it
    9. Go up to your “Webcam & Timelapse” settings and make sure the “Stream URL” has your Octopi’s IP address listed
      1. example before: /webcam/?action=stream
      2. example after:

So I have to admit, I am extremely surprised that this all worked! I went ahead and loaded up the FFVII Buster Sword and as soon as it started printing the YouTube Live began! So stop on by my YouTube Live channel sometime and see what I get up to!

Printing FFVII Buster Sword

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