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OctoPrint PrintTime Genius Install

A few weeks ago I was told about the PrintTime Genius OctoPrint Plugin to fix my print time estimate issue.  I haven’t had time to print anything new so I’ve been putting this off, but didn’t think it was a big deal since it should be fairly straight forward. Unfortunately, when I went to install via the OctoPrint Web GUI, it failed and a pop claimed it was due to an “unknown error”.

Why must everything be so hard ;^;

Eventually I figured out how to open up the plugin log file and saw the phrase “–no-cache-dir” repeated a lot. So I started googling for any OctoPrint errors using that phrase to see what advice was out there.

Open the top file “plugin_pluginmanager_console.log” in any text editor (like Notepad) 

The first forum advice I ran across suggested it may be due to a lack of memory available. So I opened up Putty and typed in “df -h” to check memory usage.

Nope, plenty of space left

Since I have over 20gb+ of space available, this clearly wasn’t the problem. Next I tried advice on this forum, that suggested the version of my pip installer (whatever that means) is not compatible with the phrase “–no-cache-dir”.

Honestly, I have no idea wtf that even means, but I am going to try and update the pip to a newer version via Putty.

After googling and searching forums I finally found what I needed to type into Putty to update this mysterious “pip”.

I typed in the following in front of the “pi@localpi:~$” 

 /home/pi/oprint/bin/python -m pip install –upgrade pip

After hitting enter a bunch of things happened and ultimately the old pip version was uninstalled and the new one replaced it. I forgot to take a screenshot, but it basically looked like the matrix.

My reaction irl

After it finished installing, I typed “sudo reboot” to restart OctoPrint, and then used the OctoPrint web GUI to once again try installing my plugin–and this time it worked!

While I love OctoPrint, I’m really glad this isn’t my first raspberry pi project, since this could have taken far longer to fix if I wasn’t already familiar with Putty. And obviously the biggest help of all was smooshy, for sleeping by my side the entire time.

The roughest of lives

Since I was in the market for new plugins, I went ahead and watched a video and installed the suggested plugins as they were explained. 

I have to say, following Michael Law’s advice in the video has made OctoPrint more user friendly with his tweaks to the appearance and recommended plugins! I’ll definitely be subscribing to his YouTube channel and see if there are any other videos that can help me out in the future.

Now back to printing! 🙂

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