So 3D Printing and my newfound hobby of painting hats for Smooshy took a bit of a hiatus due to holiday craziness followed by basement renovations. For some reason, past-Christi told her girlfriend that fixing up the basement was a “winter project” so it would be future-Christi’s problem. Which was great until it was winter.

Me to myself everyday

BUT, the basement is (mostly) finished and I’ve relocated my nerdy office down there, so I SHOULD be getting back into printing and painting and most importantly annoying Madam Crookshanks soon.

In the meantime, I’ve picked up a cool digital camera (Nikon D3400) from a friend so when I do get around to posting pictures of new prints they’ll be WAY better quality. 🙂 I’m busy practicing using the camera and lenses, so here’s some of my favorite pictures so far!

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