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New Blog, Newer Cat Pics

So a few weeks ago I accidentally deleted all of my pictures from my previous blog, and it took about a week to port everything over to this new site that I can actually back up.

Me, right after I clicked the little “trash can” icon….

If you’re blogging with WordPress, I recommend you check out 1and1.com hosting, it’s cheaper and you get more functionality than just this blog. And you can actually manage your own plugins! 

Smoosh was not pleased at WordPress’s lack of backup option for their customers

Aside from that, I also ran into difficulties getting the airbrush working… The initial coat of primer went on smoothly and things seemed to be going well.

The next day, I went to use the airbrush and it just would not work. So I did what I always do: rage quit and came back to it a few days later.

Eventually I figured out I accidentally “thinned” my paint with airbrush cleaner, so I kept clogging up the gun. I flushed it out thoroughly with water and then bought a bunch of different thinners and primers to try out so I don’t repeat my mistakes in the future.

So many choices!

I finally got another coat of primer on them and then immediately ruined everything by misusing this MicroMask product.

Apparently Micro Mask doesn’t play well with acrylic paints, and it wasn’t coming off very easy. So I decided to just paint over the mask and get these first test prints out of the way.

I’m going to use these prints as my guinea pigs to try out different paints, glues, and glitters, and hopefully they’ll turn out decent. Regardless, I cannot wait to put them on smooshy and get some adorable pictures with my new camera (a Google Pixel).

Look at this high quality picture! I can finally capture the true essence of her floofiness <3

On top of switching over to the new blog and figuring out how to use an airbrush, I’ve also been working on a few Halloween projects. Here’s a sneak peek!

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