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Neural Networking for Dummies 14 – IT’S ALIIIIIVE!

My PC has been dead all week, and I’ve been avoiding addressing this problem long enough. Since the GPU fans are not spinning and I was having weird graphics glitches with Ubuntu, I was fairly confident that removing the GPU and using the onboard graphics was going to fix this issue.

Fingers crossed

I was wrong.

I’m used to failing by now

Luckily, I consulted the help from a very knowledgeable coworker who told me to clear the static from the board and to make sure all the power is drained. This time around I removed the little battery from the motherboard, unplugged the power cord, left the power switch on, and held down the power button for 20 seconds.

And then… everything worked. The display returned and a message popped up saying that the BIOS had been reset! VICTORY!!!!!!!!!


I resintalled my GPU and made sure it booted fine, and then took it back to my newly cleaned up area and hooked it back up. Even though this was kind of a disaster, I’ve learned quite a few valuable things.

First, don’t dink around with the BIOS too much if you have no idea what you’re doing because apparently that can cause all sorts of issues. Second, removing and draining power from your PC is basically some sort of low level magic or wizardry.

But not very fun wizardry tbh

So with that, I can finally continue my pursuit of training this GD neural network on Ubuntu! Hooray!

And until then: CATS!

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