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Neural Networking for Dummies 13 – Preparing to Rebuild My PC

Last time we ended things on the worst note thus far–my PC failed to POST. So now it’s time to play a game called “which computer component(s) have failed?”.

It truly, truly is

BUT FIRST, I had to create a space for me to safely work on this without getting dust or cat hair into it. And in order to create space, I had to organize the storage side of the basement. Which was SO MUCH more work than I really thought I’d put into a “simple” Neural Networking project. 😭😭😭

After a few hours of work (and one super stressed out fiance later), there was finally space to set up a workspace for electronics. And since I disconnected everything from the PC, I went ahead and rearranged my set up and did some much needed cord management.

So now, several days later, I am FINALLY ready to try and revive my computer.


My first guess is that the GPU itself has died because there were some weird graphic glitches I noticed prior to its demise, and the fans are no longer running. There is also the possibility that part of the motherboard where the GPU is mounted is not getting power . Either way, I’m going to start by disconnecting the GPU first and seeing if I can get it to POST with its onboard graphics card.

The Smoosh has no sympathy for me

But I’ll go ahead and do that next time I’m able to put in work on this project. I feel like even though I have run into the worst string of luck on this, it has definitely pushed me to learn new things about PCs. Especially about how operating systems work, and intricacies in software and hardware compatibility. If it does turn out to be my graphics card going back, I might just try and fix itso I can learn more about electronics circuitry.

So with that, I’ll leave on a picture of Smooshy that I relate to at the moment, as it is almost my bedtime.

Time for bed, it’s almost 8:30pm! #lifeinyour30s

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