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Neural Networking for Dummies 12: The Inevitable Re-Destruction Of Everything (FML)

So today I was so pleased with myself, but there was still one thing bothering me. Every time I want to enter the BIOS, I need to reset the CMOS in order for my USB keyboard to be responsive during the boot. I tried moving the keyboard to different USB ports on the motherboard, and fiddled with a few BIOS settings, but nothing seemed to work.

Eventually I made my peace with this issue, figuring my new PS/2 to USB adapter that is coming in tomorrow will fix it anyway. So I decided to reset the CMOS one last time to boot into Windows, ONLY THIS TIME NOTHING WAS LOADING ON MY MONITOR AND I WAS GETTING A MOTHERBOARD ERROR.

Well I’ve obviously died and gone to hell 🤦🤦🤦

My only hope right now is that it is the GPU went bad so I can uninstall it and use the onboard graphics card. Either that, or I’ll try one last attempt at shorting the CMOS and removing the battery to ensure it is cleared in case it is a software issue.

Otherwise, I’m going to need to really tinker with this gd machine, and for that I will need an appropriate work space. Which means I’ll need to clear out the other side of my basement that is FULL of random tools and LOADS of boxes that I haven’t unpacked yet from when I moved in over a mother trucking year ago! 😫😫😫


Fortunately, a few weeks ago I set up a docking station for my work laptop to connect it to my entire set up, so for no I can use that at home. Plus I’m going out of town tomorrow to see Hamilton with my lovely future 💗wife💗 so I’m just going to drop this project for now and revisit this when I’m able.


I mean, aside from software at this point it could be the GPU, motherboard, PSU, RAM, CPU, and honestly I MIGHT AS WELL BUY A WHOLE NEW GD COMPUTER AT THIS POINT. 😭😭😭

I relate to this meme at least once a day

But it’s fine. I will leave you all with some of my favorite Jezebel pictures, and I’ll be back in a few weeks. *sigh*

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