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Neural Networking for Dummies 11: The Eventual Resurrection Of Everything

After a few days of completely ignoring the utter mess that I have created, I’m once again back at it with high hopes that I can somehow turn this around. But FIRST I have decided I should do a little reading on how my Gigabyte motherboard works and try to figure out if there are any security settings that are preventing me from booting or something.

Me reading the Gigabyte motherboard user manual….

I also took some time to google a bit about the Microsoft secure boot and UEFI, since there were some settings in the BIOS pertaining to it. After tinkering with some settings I saved and exited the BIOS and…I have received a blue screen of what I can only assume is death.

Related image
Basically what it said

On the plus side, it restarted for me and kicked me back to my BIOS where I stumbled upon this nifty “Power On By Keyboard” option which is great since my PC’s power button is out of reach. I also tinkered with a few other settings to see if I got a different result this time.

*fingers crossed*

No luck! 🙁I got the same blue screen, but this time I took a picture of the error, along with recording the error my BIOS displays. The Windows error says “Inaccessible Boot Drive” and the Gigabyte BIOS says “ROM Image is not loaded” and “ROM Image update denied”. So at least I have somewhere to start.

Same, Andy. Same.

After tinkering some more, I saw I was trying to boot using “Windows Boot Manager” selected, and that is when I was getting the Windows error. I switched it back to just boot from my ssd and not use the boot manager and now it dumps me into system32 command prompt again.

So now I’m taking some of the advice in the article How to Fix the Inaccessible Boot Device Error in Windows 10 and typed in “chkdsk /r c:” to see if anything is corrupt on the drive. Honestly, I have no idea if this will end up helping, or if I should just start over and install Ubuntu and then re-install Windows 10 after that.

Maybe this will work?

After the “chkdsk” program stopped running, I noticed a line that said “Windows has made corrections to the file system. No further action is required”, so maybe it’ll work now?

Forget Milhouse, THIS is my spirit animal

……….And now it is doing something profoundly strange. 0_0 It is initializing some Intel Boot something or other, so I cleared the CMOS, entered the BIOS and turned off the “Windows 8/10 WHQL” option and the “Network Stack Boot” option. It was still going to the Intel weird screen so I went back to BIOS again and disabled “LAN PXE Boot Option ROM” as well. This is what I get for playing with magic I don’t understand.

Any Indian in the Cupboard fans out there??

PROGRESS! Now it just says “Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key”. HUZZAH!

Yay! …Oh wait….this still isn’t good

Since I still have my Ubuntu live USB from earlier, I think I’m going to install Ubuntu on my new ssd and then reinstall Windows 10. Because things are just way too messed up now.

Please work…

Luckily this strategy seemed to pay off! When I installed Ubuntu it asked if I wanted to erase all other data on the ssd. I selected “yes” and it got rid of all the faulty stuff that was cloned to it. Finally something seems to be going right today!

After Ubuntu successfully installed, I restarted and then noticed Windows was an option to select on boot up at the grub menu. Out of sheer inexplicable curiosity, I selected the Windows option to see what would happen….and then miraculously Windows 10 BOOTED UP FINE.



I’m gonna go ahead and count my blessings and not touch Windows 10 ever again

It seems the old ssd still has Windows 10 installed on it, so the problem THIS ENTIRE TIME has been that I mistakenly deleted the wrong instance of Windows 10.


The past few days have been an emotional roller coaster and I’m over it

So yeah, I’m just gonna leave Windows 10 by itself on the old ssd and not mess with it anymore. I’ll use it for gaming (as I hear it is the best aside from Steam OS) and I’ll just switch over to using Ubuntu as primary with all that space for my techy projects. Eventually I’ll partition off some space from my new ssd for the Hackintosh project and leave Windows separate because it is extra AF.

How I imagine Windows 10 would react to being called extra



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