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Neural Networking for Dummies 10: Cloning SSDs & The Inevitable Destruction Of Everything

In order to reinstall Ubuntu and complete my Neural Networking Project, I first need to install my new larger ssd drive that I unnecessarily purchased last week. It was my first time installing an SSD 2.5″ into my PC, and it took me a few hours because I had to hunt down cords and find the plugs on my motherboard. Thankfully the video below helped me locate the plugs, since they weren’t easily visible.

Now that I’ve got my new drive initialized, it’s time to move my Windows OS to it. In order to move the information I’m going to use a free program called EasyUS ToDo Backup.

I have major trust issues with anything that claims to be “easy” at this point

So SOMEHOW the clone seemed to go seemlessly… I’m skeptical, but I’ll carry on. I restarted my PC and entered the BIOS to change the boot order to start Windows 10 on my newly cloned ssd and IT WORKED!

Self high fives are the only high fives I get on this project

Things are going well, so I feel like it’s safe to wipe all the data on the old ssd so I can re-purpose it for my Hackintosh Project at a later time. After a quick google, I found the best way to do this is to yet again use one of these EasyUS tools, this time one called EasyUS Partition Manager. The tool seemed to run just fine and required a restart, and at this point I was thinking everything was going my way.

Milhouse is my spirit animal and I am not even joking

But then things took a turn…I got an error saying something was wrong when trying to boot. After fiddling with the BIOS boot order my PC started booting into system32 command prompt instead of going to my normal Windows 10 sign on screen.

This…is just..infuriating…to say the least



That’s all for today

Seriously, this is about all the frustration I can handle for tonight. I hope I can somehow undo whatever damage I have done in a somewhat timely fashion. *sigh*

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