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My New Ubuntu Laptop

I’ve gotten to the point with my tech projects, that it would probably be easiest to have a laptop to have my blog and files on me wherever I go. Since I’m a Linux gal now (I love saying that), I decided that checking out local used computer stores would be the way to go since I don’t need a flashy Windows laptop. I can just install a VM of Windows if I want that like I did on my desktop.

Plus Linux’s mascot is “Tux” the penguin which WAY cooler than Microsoft’s wavy…boxes?

I ended up finding a really cool business called Comprenew that focuses on recycling electronics. My fiance (I love saying that) has taught me how to recycle, and I really enjoy that I can support a business that focuses on that.

I called my local store up and found out they had a HP ProBook 6550b laptop running Linux Mint OS for only $140! Roughly $50 – $100 cheaper than a laptop running Windows 10. Plus, I’ll be throwing my Ubuntu 18.04 OS on there and it will definitely outperform a Windows laptop!

Not only does it excite me, but it’s finally starting to pay off!

I also took the time to finally label my different OS USBs, I feel like a real nerd now that I’ve got these available! 🙂

I even put my Virtual Machine OS images onto a spare 32gb SD card so I can add them to the collection. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that formatting as FAT32 restricts to having file sizes 4GB or smaller, so I had to reformat as NTFS and start the copying process over.

And of course I put my photoshop Smoosh image on there so I can transport that background to every device I own for the rest of time.

I will never not love this. Best use of 2 hours of my life

I also went ahead and added my favorite picture of my lady on it, because it makes me laugh at how adorable she is every time I see it.


I took a little break from writing this post and came back a few days later. I LOVE my laptop, and it is extremely fast running Ubuntu. It’s such a smooth experience that I’m going to change my fiance’s PC over to that instead of since she also has a laptop with only 4gb of RAM and it is extremely sluggish with Windows 10 on it.

I’m also going to look into how I can remote access my desktop PC so I can access my files on it, and use its Virtual Machines since this laptop is not powerful enough to do that. And after I’m done with all this computer geek stuff, I really want to get back into 3D printing and photography.

And maybe one day I’ll have time for this again!

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