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Making My Own Health App in Quickbase

A while back I had several posts discussing utilizing technology to overcome my depression. While all of that certainly helped, I eventually found myself overwhelmed with my original solutions ( application) and stopped using it. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great concept, but doesn’t offer enough customization to simplify like I would like.

So I moved to tracking healthy checklists on my fridge with magnetic whiteboards. That worked for a month or so, but again fell to the wayside because it didn’t allow tracking for more than 1 week at a time. It was as if the accountability was erased each week and didn’t keep me motivated to continue my healthy streak.

This brings us to the present–where I desperately need a tracking and accountability system, but I don’t want to over-complicate this or download yet another app. So to keep it simple, I decided to make my OWN app in Quickbase.

I know what you’re thinking–how is making your own app SIMPLER than downloading someone else’s??? Well, it’s because Quickbase is so easy to use! If you can make an Excel spreadsheet, you can make a Quickbase app!

According to Quickbase, it’s “The #1 Low-Code Platform for Safe, Secure, Sustainable Application Development”. To me, it’s a way of developing your own mobile application to manage data.

It really wasn’t difficult to set up, as Quickbase is designed to create and edit databases with easily generated reporting. It only took a few hours to create a few simple “Health Survey” and “Healthy Record” tables and generate some reports. Now I’m able to quickly track calories, water, sleep, projects, and exercise right from my phone exactly how I want to!

At the end of each day, I take a wellness survey where I simply click a checkbox that says if I completed my healthy tasks for the day.

I’ve also created a nifty tool that tells me given my calorie goal (1500) and my eating schedule (10am-9pm) how many calories I can eat by the end of the current hour. This allows me to immediately check and see if I am allowed to eat whenever I’ve hungry, and to see how far ahead/behind I am on my calorie intake.

And of course I have a lot of summary reports to help me monitor my performance over time. 🙂

Overall, I’m really impressed with how easy it was to create a simple app in Quickbase. I can’t wait to use this to quickly track my health-related activities throughout the day since it already helped me curb my calorie intake! 🙂

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