Legend of Zelda Master Sword

Since I already made Link’s Hylian Shield, the obvious next step is to create the master sword.

My first attempt resulted in one crazy bad print because I tried not using “Generate Support” on Cura… So yeah, generate support from now on. 0_0

I then had a successful print at 10% of the original size, but in its current state it looks like one of those toy swords you put in a fancy mixed drink.

So I tinkered with the proportions and did a second print to make it fit in a little better with the shield.

It came out a lot nicer, so it’s ready to be “finished” and placed alongside the shield in an upcoming photoshoot starring Madam Crookshanks. Because I use technology for the betterment of mankind like that.

Smoosh can’t wait for her upcoming Zelda photoshoot!

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