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Harry Potter Halloween!

So the holidays have clearly taken me away from this hobby for a while, but I wanted to share the Halloween project I made in October. 

Since Madam Crookshanks got her name from Hermione’s cat in Harry Potter, I thought it’d be fitting to make some Harry Potter prints. 

 I decided to print glasses, the elder wand, the sorting hat and the nimbus 2001 broom. Sadly, it seems since making these two of the four prints seem to have been removed from Thingiverse, but I found practically identical ones to link. 

All parts were printed in black PLA, airbrushed with white primer, airbrushed with a base coat and then hand painted and finished with Mod Podge and glitter. Because glitter is everything.

After everything was printed and appropriately extra af, it was time to annoy Madam Crookshanks!

I’m going to try catching up on a lot of posts I had in process from a few months ago. I’m also printing out tons of little holiday gifts for friends and coworkers, so this hobby is actually starting to save me money and pay for itself. So hopefully I’ll have more to share soon. 🙂 

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