Get Started with 3D Printing

Want to skip right to the blogs that get you up and running? No Problem! Here they are all nice and neatly laid out for you. 🙂
If you have a Monoprice Mini Select V2:

  1. Setup Process 1: The First Attempt
  2. Setup Process 2: Setting up the Printer
  3. Setup Process 3: Setting up the Software
  4. Setup Process 4: Printing the GD Cat

Setting up OctoPrint, OctoLapse and YouTube Live:

  1. OctoPrint and Raspberry Pi
  2. Fall Out Coin 3: Putting the “Print” in OctoPrint
  3. Time-Lapse Camera Setup: Logitech C615 + OctoLapse
  4. OctoPrint: YouTube Live