Finishing the Zelda Shield, Sword, and Hat

If you’ve been following my blog, you know it’s been a rocky road to be able to print the Zelda Shield (see Zelda Shield: A Total Disaster and Zelda Shield Round 2: Failure is not an option!).

Now that I’ve gotten the two pieces, I need to glue them together, remove the support plastic, smooth the surface, and paint them. And I am not what you would consider an artistic person, seriously, all of that talent went to my twin sis. But I must press on, FOR SCIENCE!

Boom! Full shield!

After gluing the pieces together, I ran to Hobby Lobby and quickly became overwhelmed at all the paints and tools out there for modeling.

I decided to keep things simple and bought a small pack of acrylic paints, a random assortment of brushes, and a little helping hand tool to hold the stuff while I paint. I figure I’ll do more research and learn a lot from just trying things out, but I have to start somewhere.

After painting the first coat, I researched 3D modeling finishing tools, and went ahead and bought this convenient kit to help me prep the plastic better next time for painting. I also bought a 120 grit sanding sponge to accompany everything the kit came with.

I printed the actual master sword to go with the shield and also made a Link hat to complete the outfit. I had Madam Crookshanks try it on to test the fit before I went through with painting it.

Over the course of a couple nights, I slowly painted the sword, hat, and shield to look like the photos from their thingiverse pages.

With everything all finished, it’s time for the reward of all the hours of work: THE CAT PHOTOSHOOT!!!!

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