Finishing 3D Prints: Research + Airbrushing

After using tiny brushes to paint my first few models, I have determined the following:

  1. It takes too long
  2. I’m not very good at it
But the smoosh was perfect

I decided to read some blog posts like these 7 Useful Tips or this How To, along with watching several videos on how they finish their 3D models. Each source outlined more or less the same process with different key insights, and most included using spray paint at some point in their process.

As much fun as spray painting looks, I’m not making large models and thought airbrushing would be a good compromise. Plus I don’t have to figure out the logistics of painting outside or having to be at the mercy of weather (I’m a fickle beast).

Before committing to an airbrush, I decided to read about whether using one on 3D prints was a good idea. This led me to several useful sources like this very useful thread that asks community their thoughts on air brushing 3D models, and this 3D printer’s first airbrush attempt.

After getting confirmation airbrushing can be done and looked like what I wanted, I researched the best airbrush to buy. Ultimately ended up purchasing the following:

The airbrush kit wasn’t Amazon Prime eligible so I had wait 5 of the longest days of my life for it to come in. But when it did, the unboxing was a spectacularly fun event for both myself and Smooshy.


Now it’s time to learn how to use this thing and paint some models!

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