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Fall Out Coin 1: My Nightmare

After a spectacular fail at trying to print the Zelda Shield I decided to “do something easy” like print a coin. It’s small, and a coin. How hard could it be? And thus, my nightmare began…..

There’s a lot of fail in this post

I decided to try printing this Fall Out coin for a friend since it seemed like it’d be quick and easy. So I opened it in Cura, positioned it accordingly, saved it to the micro SD card and then couldn’t put the GD sd card into the printer!!! 😡😡😡😡

My next thought was maybe if I could connect to the micro USB then maybe it would work. So I found a USB multi adapter to use, but then discovered YOU CAN’T FIT A USB INTO IT. 😡

At this point I was sitting on the floor contemplating what poor life choices led me to this moment when I was surrounded by Jezebel and Smoosh who started a full on CAT BRAWL that resulted in me getting my finger sliced.

Moments before the attack…

Not to be deterred from my mission, I decided to modify the adapter to remove extra plastic that was preventing me being able to use it. So I got out a knife and cut the plastic, and in the process stabbed myself  🤦🤦🤦

There are not enough face palms in the world 🤦🤦🤦

If you’re counting at home I’m up to 3 cuts on my fingers on a project that doesn’t involve anything sharp.

So I go through all this trouble and plug it in, start it up and the printer doesn’t read the SD card.

This is just a hot mess 🤦

At this point either my micro SD card itself is broken or the slot has debris in the way. Neither of which I determine is worth my time to fix, so I guess it’s time to connect manually and print via USB since WiFi and SD card both seem to be not working.

…And now Cura is crashing when I try to load any files so now I have to run Reimage repair to try and fix it. 🤦 

ALRIGHT, after repairing Cura and reloading the Fall Out coin, I noticed a “print via USB” option has appeared! (IT’S A MIRACLE! 🙌🙌🙌)

I can hardly believe my eyes!

After pushing the button nothing was happening so I went over to the printer to manually start the preheat. I then started to tinker with other options when it suddenly tried to print! ….and then it got confused and flashed this crazy error code.


I turned the printer off and on again, and then reset Cura to try printing again, and this time vowed not to be impatient (which is practically impossible for me).

And it started to print! VICTORY1!!!! YES YESA Y EAAAAA!!!! Back in business!

The SD card might be busted and the WiFi print doesn’t seem to work well (or at least the file I tried it with was messed up), but other than that at least I’m on my way to making my second print!!!!

It’s got about an hour to go on the printing so I think I’m going to go find some bandaids and tend to the cuts on my fingers

…A few hours later I returned to find my PC went into sleep mode and the printer stopped WHICH RUINED THE PRINT 2/3 OF THE WAY THROUGH.


So then I tinkered for several hours trying desperately to salvage my print.


According to this article it is salvageable if I do the following:

  1. Remove the excess plastic from it sitting idle
  2. Alter the gcode to pick up where it left off
  3. Run the gcode as a new job

I used Notepad++ to load the Fall Out gcode file and it seemed fairly straight forward. There are different layers called out and it gives the X, Y and Z coordinates of where to position the nozzle. I just need to figure out at what Z coordinate this layer failed at so I can start it at that point (luckily it seems to have stopped at the beginning of an entire layer).

My false sense of confidence at this point in time 

Eventually I collected the following information:

  • The print stopped at 35mm
  • The print’s layers are each 0.13mm
  • 35mm/0.13mm = 269.23mm
  • Based on this I’m going to start at layer 270 (which was my rough estimate from eye balling it and trying to err on the side of caution)

In order to do this I’m going to have to manually preheat the printer and run some filament through the extractor, and then upload the gcode from layer 270 and on via wifi…. here’s hoping! 

But that’s not gonna stop me!

Well it looked promising, but something was getting corrupt when I tried to send the gcode file via WiFi. And I can’t use the USB print option in Cura because Cura won’t print customized gcode files.

My last ditch effort was to figure out how to send commands directly to the printer, which led me to this page and I followed the instructions to beef up my WiFi user interface…………..

And you know what? I give up.

It’s 2am and I’ll try printing a new coin tomorrow. I’ve gained a lot of understanding about how to print from the 3 methods available and none of them seem to work so I’m going the eff to bed.

Even Crookshanks is angry

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