Dome Audio: The Future of Bone Conducting Headphones

About six months ago, my wife invested in a pair of bone conducting headphones to use while she runs. These style of headphones do not function the way a normal pair of headphones do–they actually sit outside your ears and send vibrations through your bones which allow you to hear.

This means you don’t need to have your ears plugged when you listen to music, so you can actually listen to your environment. This is great for safety while exercising, which is why it was a no-brainer to get them for my wife’s weekly runs. We got her the Aftershokz Titanium Mini, which has worked good enough, although she does have connectivity issues fairly often that causes some frustration.

In the last several months, I’ve taken up personal training and found that music is essential to drowning out the pain my body feels. Unfortunately, if I turn up my volume too high on my air pods I cannot hear my trainer correct my form, offer encouragement, or tell me how many more seconds I have left to start or stop an exercise. In order to remain more connected to my surroundings and hear guidance from my trainer, I finally broke down and bought a pair of bone conducting headphones for myself.

Since my wife had issues with her Aftershokz headphones, I decided to try something different. After reading a review raving about them, I purchased WinnerGear’s Exobone headphones. Before I go any further, let me just say: DO NOT BUY THESE. (Note: I’m serious, I’m not even going to link to them because I don’t want boost their SEO rating, that is how bad they are).

It was clear the review that talked them up was a paid review, because there is no way these come close to competing with the Aftershokz brand. Sure, Aftershokz has some issues, but nothing close to Exobone’s problems. For starters, they are flimsy and clearly cheaply made. The buds that rest on your face are distractingly large, and the sound quality is atrocious. Even worse on the lowest volume setting you can hear them from several feet away. There is no redeeming quality about these headphones, plus it was near impossible to find their contact information to return them.

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Instead I turned to the Aftershokz Aeroplex headphones, and so far I’ve been quite pleased. They pair really easily, the sound can only be heard by others when I have the volume all the way up, they are good material, good sound quality, and it even has a neat magnetic charger. But even with all that great stuff about them, I’m still finding one clear issue–there is no way to block out external sounds in the times I really need to.

While I’m glad I can remain connected to my surroundings and listen during workouts, there are times when it would be nice to block out external noises. Sometimes I’m on a work call and my cat starts singing songs in the background. Other times my wife uses the hair dryer and I struggle to hear for the next few minutes. What would be great is if I could somehow transition back and forth at will.

And that’s where Dome Audio comes in. Not only are they bringing something new and fresh to bone conduction headphones, but they are offering the ability to switch back and forth between open and closed ear listening.

Their patented technology actually allows for two points of contact, creating surround sound listening experience. Not only that, but they have what are called “Dome Covers” which allow you to cancel out external noise at will. Plus, the covers are exchangeable, allowing you to change up your style as you see fit!

Overall, I see Dome Audio as being a game changer for wireless headphones in general. They are bluetooth enabled, offer surround sound listening, have dual microphones for taking calls, can switch between open and closed ear listening, and even have their own proprietary app for dialing in the vibration levels of the four speakers. All of this with the added perk of being extremely stylish!

So while Aftershokz is still the leading brand, I’d be on the lookout for Dome Audio and the innovation that it brings to the table for the headphone industry. If you’re interested in learning more about their business you can check out their Net Capital.

Now head over to their Indiegogo and reserve yourself a pair today for only $25!

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