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New Patreon Page: Get Your Own Prints!

Hey there! It’d mean a lot to me if you took a little detour and check out my new Patreon page! You can it follow for free, or optionally donate monthly for exclusive patron-only posts and rewards!

Want your own 3D object? Join the Wild Kitteh or King Catto tier and I’ll print you whatever you want! So head on over there now!

I’m still going to continue this blog for free and making tiny hats and props to put on my cat while exploring these artistic mediums. I just wanted to provide a place if anyone is ever interested in supporting to my noble cause. Because at the end of the day, it’s not only about the cat photos, but it’s about showing others that you don’t need to be an artist or engineer to join in on all the fun 3D printing provides!

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