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Setting Up My Ender3 Printer with an Octopi Touch Screen & Printing Covid-19 Masks

In order to print the Montana mask to help with the COVID crisis, I needed to upgrade to a printer with a larger bed. I can still use my Monoprice Select Mini V2 to print sewing components, but I want to make masks since they are in such short supply. I found a great deal… Continue reading Setting Up My Ender3 Printer with an Octopi Touch Screen & Printing Covid-19 Masks

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Setting Up Cura and Virtual Machines on Ubuntu

Since I'm using Ubuntu 18.04 now, I need to set up Cura on this OS so I can print without having to reboot into Windows. Ubuntu Software has Cura, but it is not the latest version (4.0 is out as of March 2019). Not only does this earlier version not have my printer in it… Continue reading Setting Up Cura and Virtual Machines on Ubuntu

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Nightmare Before Christmas Prints

My girlfriend wanted Nightmare Before Christmas decorations for Halloween, so we went to Thingiverse and picked out Jack, Sally, and this beautiful diorama of the iconic hill in the movie.  The parts printed out fine, but they did require some assembly. I'm not the most skilled with my hands, so assembling Jack was basically my… Continue reading Nightmare Before Christmas Prints

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Harry Potter Halloween!

So the holidays have clearly taken me away from this hobby for a while, but I wanted to share the Halloween project I made in October.  Since Madam Crookshanks got her name from Hermione's cat in Harry Potter, I thought it'd be fitting to make some Harry Potter prints.   I decided to print glasses, the… Continue reading Harry Potter Halloween!

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OctoPrint PrintTime Genius Install

A few weeks ago I was told about the PrintTime Genius OctoPrint Plugin to fix my print time estimate issue.  I haven't had time to print anything new so I've been putting this off, but didn't think it was a big deal since it should be fairly straight forward. Unfortunately, when I went to install via the… Continue reading OctoPrint PrintTime Genius Install

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New Blog, Newer Cat Pics

So a few weeks ago I accidentally deleted all of my pictures from my previous blog, and it took about a week to port everything over to this new site that I can actually back up. Me, right after I clicked the little "trash can" icon.... If you're blogging with WordPress, I recommend you check… Continue reading New Blog, Newer Cat Pics

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Print Time Estimate Way Off???

Update: Thank you to user outsourcedguru for sharing the following useful information that I will be looking into ASAP: If you use OctoPrint as a web service for your 3D printer, there’s a very good plugin for this called OctoPrint-PrintTimeGenius which does an excellent job of indicating truthful status throughout the entire print. So I've been… Continue reading Print Time Estimate Way Off???

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New Patreon Page: Get Your Own Prints!

Hey there! It'd mean a lot to me if you took a little detour and check out my new Patreon page! You can it follow for free, or optionally donate monthly for exclusive patron-only posts and rewards! Want your own 3D object? Join the Wild Kitteh or King Catto tier and I'll print you whatever you want! So head on over there now! I'm… Continue reading New Patreon Page: Get Your Own Prints!

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Time-Lapse Camera Setup: Logitech C615 + OctoLapse

So now it's time to try and print with OctoLapse running and see how it goes! TL;DR: Everything worked smoothly and was so much better than I ever dreamed! The hardest part was playing the time lapse video. I ultimately ended up downloading this VLC program since my Windows PC couldn't figure out how to play the… Continue reading Time-Lapse Camera Setup: Logitech C615 + OctoLapse