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Automating Making Memes & Instagram Posts 1: Meme-Generator-Python

Now that I have the ability to train a neural network and an Ubuntu laptop with Python installed, I’m ready to go on to the next phase of my project: automatically creating a meme and posting it to Instagram.

Because I am too lazy to upload pictures manually to Instagram, David. Gosh

Of course I’m going to start off by checking out what others have done for ideas. I found an Instagram meme bot called Instameme, and a meme generator called Meme Generator Python that I am sure will be fairly useful for a starting point. I also stumbled upon this Doge meme generator that is just awesome.

Yeah, I know it’s not making my own, but it’s just easier this way

After looking through my options, I decided to start by trying to get meme-generator-python installed and functioning. First I downloaded and installed the impact font file, and then I created a virtual environment to install into. This script requires Python2 to be used, so I consulted my handy virtual environment commands cheat sheet I made last time.

cd .virtualenvs
virtualenv -p $(which python2) memebot_env
workon memebot_env
pip install wand

After my virtual environment was made, I downloaded and extracted the meme-generator-python files into my “memebot_env” folder.

I put a sample David Rose photo in the folder and then tried to run the script, but received an error saying wand wasn’t installed.

I ran the wand pip installation command and then retried the and this time it worked!

Behold, my very first automatically created meme!

Yay technology!

Now that I’m able to automatically generate a basic meme, I’m going to move on to figuring out how to upload the photo to Instagram. I’ll go into more detail in my next post, until then enjoy a video of Smooshy’s first outdoor adventure!

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