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OctoPrint PrintTime Genius Install

A few weeks ago I was told about the PrintTime Genius OctoPrint Plugin to fix my print time estimate issue.  I haven't had time to print anything new so I've been putting this off, but didn't think it was a big deal since it should be fairly straight forward. Unfortunately, when I went to install via the… Continue reading OctoPrint PrintTime Genius Install

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New Blog, Newer Cat Pics

So a few weeks ago I accidentally deleted all of my pictures from my previous blog, and it took about a week to port everything over to this new site that I can actually back up. Me, right after I clicked the little "trash can" icon.... If you're blogging with WordPress, I recommend you check… Continue reading New Blog, Newer Cat Pics

3D Printing, Research

Print Time Estimate Way Off???

Update: Thank you to user outsourcedguru for sharing the following useful information that I will be looking into ASAP: If you use OctoPrint as a web service for your 3D printer, there’s a very good plugin for this called OctoPrint-PrintTimeGenius which does an excellent job of indicating truthful status throughout the entire print. So I've been… Continue reading Print Time Estimate Way Off???

3D Printing, Project, Research

New Patreon Page: Get Your Own Prints!

Hey there! It'd mean a lot to me if you took a little detour and check out my new Patreon page! You can it follow for free, or optionally donate monthly for exclusive patron-only posts and rewards! Want your own 3D object? Join the Wild Kitteh or King Catto tier and I'll print you whatever you want! So head on over there now! I'm… Continue reading New Patreon Page: Get Your Own Prints!


Updating Motion Control Firmware

So now that I've printed an assortment of things and placed them on my cat, it's time to start going back to reading about more boring things (okay, maybe not boring to some, but still not cat related). Today I'm tackling this whole "Firmware" update thing that I decided to shelve for later when I was… Continue reading Updating Motion Control Firmware


Finishing 3D Prints: Research + Airbrushing

After using tiny brushes to paint my first few models, I have determined the following: It takes too longI'm not very good at it But the smoosh was perfect I decided to read some blog posts like these 7 Useful Tips or this How To, along with watching several videos on how they finish their 3D models. Each source… Continue reading Finishing 3D Prints: Research + Airbrushing


Finishing the Zelda Shield, Sword, and Hat

If you've been following my blog, you know it's been a rocky road to be able to print the Zelda Shield (see Zelda Shield: A Total Disaster and Zelda Shield Round 2: Failure is not an option!). Now that I've gotten the two pieces, I need to glue them together, remove the support plastic, smooth the… Continue reading Finishing the Zelda Shield, Sword, and Hat


Legend of Zelda Master Sword

Since I already made Link's Hylian Shield, the obvious next step is to create the master sword. My first attempt resulted in one crazy bad print because I tried not using "Generate Support" on Cura... So yeah, generate support from now on. 0_0 I then had a successful print at 10% of the original size,… Continue reading Legend of Zelda Master Sword


To Update or Not To Update? That is the question.

So after connecting with OctoPrint, I got the following message: I followed the link and it informed me I need to update the firmware to ensure my printer doesn't catch on fire. I recall reading that users do not recommend updating the firmware, but I think I'll do some research on this before I blindly… Continue reading To Update or Not To Update? That is the question.


Sony Flash Camera Wedge: First Useful Print

Over the weekend my friend came over to help me tinker with the web cam position and lighting. In return, I printed him this Sony Flash Bounce part for his camera to hold his flash in an upright position on his fancy dancy camera. It printed in just 35 minutes and came out fine. After… Continue reading Sony Flash Camera Wedge: First Useful Print